General Contracting

Thanks to the cooperation with  three important construction companies (Impresa di Costruzioni Ing. Filippo Colombrita & C. srl, Colnisa Costruzioni srl, Consorzio Stabile SQM scarl.), GIS Design can also operate as a General Contractor, being able to manage works on all accounts, from their design to their realization.

The construction companies have been operating since 1962 in public and private works. They designed and built:

  • Residential, commercial and industrial buildings;
  • Roads, bridges, ports and airports;
  • Water and sewerage systems, pipelines, HVAC, fire and electrical systems;
  • Cemeteries, crematoriums and theme parks;
  • Hotels, hospitals and medical institutions;
  • Reinforcement works.

Thanks to their highly qualified staff, innovative equipment and technical know-how, the companies are accredited by the most important banks in Italy and they are also able to satisfy the most various customers’ needs.

The distinctive trait of the companies is the technical tradition deriving from the direct control of the building sites and the continuous techno-scientific updating of the whole staff.

The multi-year financial, technical and administrative experience in public works is based on full transparency and punctuality in commercial relationships. Reliability and customer satisfaction are, indeed, the winning peculiarity of the group.

The direct commissions’ management by the side of the owners, the seriousness, the lack of legal arguments, the attitude to carry out any kind of work, the investments on R&D and the important experiences abroad represent the other strengths of the group.

The companies realised more than 200 public and private works. Nowadays they can count on the experience of different construction companies (Colombrita, Colnisa, SQM, ecc) and the aid of more than 100 building workers, 20 office employees and numerous construction means, tools and equipment(excavators, loaders, bobcat, rollers, backhoes, cranes, trucks, mechanical lifters, etc.).