Road maintenance

The programming and optimization of road maintenance developed by the company helps the Road Agencies plan road works to optimize the available resources and avoid inconsistencies between plans and resources waste.

The huge data sets, the multiplicity of road functional and operative characteristics as well as the range of infrastructures deterioration complicate decision-making without the right management systems. Moreover, since road maintenance funding is often insufficient, obviously any improvement in investment efficiency can have significant financial and economic benefits.

The investment strategy has a widespread effect on the ‘health’ of the road network and so it must be justified in objective criteria which reflect technical and economic principles.

All strategies have to be framed in a real Maintenance Management System which should include the necessary data sets and operational modules. Therefore, the company is able to give Authorities decision-making support systems for maintenance management. These systems allow the use of modern multiple-criteria analysis techniques for resource allocation, instead of the traditional cost – benefit analyses.

The main phases of a maintenance project can be summed up as:

  1. Data gathering
  2. Data analyses
  3. Interventions plan

Knowing the road surface condition and the consequent results analysis, linked to a diagnosis of the state of degradation, is vital for planning maintenance interventions.

The choice of the most appropriate intervention relies on the best cost/performance ratio.

The planning of maintenance intervention is governed by a previously defined priority list.

Furthermore, since one of the main purposes of road maintenance is to improve safety, the company’s strategy is also to perform detailed analyses of road accidents.

Moreover, the company offers specialised consultancy for data gathering and monitoring of the structural and functional conditions of the road surface as tender specifications in compliance with the new European norms and Directives on road surface materials and specialised technical training in the road-building sector with particular reference to maintenance management issues and on-site and laboratory quality control.

The company has recently developed GeMaStra (road maintenance management), a web application specifically for managing road network maintenance, in response to the real needs of agencies who require data gathering, analysis and maintenance of their own roads.

Principali lavori eseguiti:

Anno: 2010 “Progettazione ed implementazione di una applicazione web per la gestione della manutenzione stradale, su una rete viaria urbana di n.20 strade nel Comune di Portici, compreso caricamento dati e hosting dell’applicazione web” per s.r.l.
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