GIS Design S.r.l. was founded in 2002 from an idea of the Colombrita brothers, Filippo and Fabio, to combine Filippo’s knowledge of GIS and road, rail and airport infrastructure from his Engineering PhD on Network Infrastructure, with Fabio’s technological and ICT knowledge gained in the late 90s to create a GIS (Geographic Information System) laboratory of support to other companies and agencies in the same sector.

Initially, the company did supply work on integrated management systems (topographic and environmental surveys, management software development, personnel training etc.) and designed complex infrastructure (roads, road intersections, railways, underground, airports etc.).

GIS Design gradually diversified its activity, be developing analysis systems into about transport safety (roads and airports), infrastructures design and developing GIS applications. More recently, it has provided support for companies by drafting improved technical tenders thereby accumulating considerable experience in this sector.

After having modified the company’s setup several times, nowadays GIS Design belongs to Filippo, Fabio, Emilia and Marco, four cousins who share this and other business activities. In 2014, indeed, the same shareholders founded other two engineering companies called among “Studio4C” and “IL Engineering” (Italy Lebanon Engineering) which have operative headquarters in Catania and Beirut, respectively. Today these companies belong to the same corporate group, referring to GIS Design.

GIS Design has been helped to grow by numerous collaborators some of whom work in studies and research with academic publications and professional manuals to their names. The collaboration with Professors and Researchers of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Catania is further testimony to the innovative spirit and continual updating of the group.

Today, the group works on:

Design and Site Supervision (building, infrastructural and plant works):

  • Great experience in different sectors like design, works management  and workplace safety
  • Work designed and /or built for a total of € 1 billion.
  • Main customers: ANAS, Eurolink scpa, Circumetnea Railway, Ministry of Defence, Presidency of Sicilian Region, BBCCAA Catania Superintendent, about 50 town councils in Italy.

Collaboration with building companies for tender notices and project financing:

  • Skilled employees able to elaborate technical offers for tender notices and develop business plan for project financing
  • 15 winning bids in the last 3 years (tenders and project financing)
  • Main customers: Impresa di Costruzioni Ing. Filippo Colombrita & C. srl, Colnisa Costruzioni srl, Consorzio Stabile SQM scarl

Designing, building and developing Road Safety Programming, Planning and Monitoring Centres and for interventions aimed at reducing road accidents:

  • Development and management of 15 Road Safety Programming, Planning and Monitoring Centres
  • Consultancy about traffic and road safety in about 30 Italian towns
  • Main customers: ANAS, Ministry of Infrastructures an Transport, different towns like Gramichele, Augusta, Belpasso, Caltagirone, Enna, Giarre, Palazzolo Acreide, Ragusa, Riposto, Sant’Agata li Battiati, Siracusa, Tremestieri Etneo, etc.

Transport safety analyses:

  • Vast experience in safety audits and safety reviews
  • Creation and development of specific procedures and models for surveying and managing obstacles to air traffic in important national airports
  • Management of the technical secretary of the Road Safety National Council at CNEL (Rome), since 2014
  • Main customers: ANAS, Circumetnea Railway, GESAP (airport agency at Falcone-Borsellino, Palermo), SAC (airport agency at Fontanarossa, Catania), about 30 Italian towns

Developing road safety (PSSU) and traffic plans (PUM), manual and automatic traffic surveys:

  • Expert personnel in planning transport and mobility
  • Main customers: ANCE, Municipal Transport Agency of Catania, Uniter Consortium, Eurolink scpa

Realization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

  • Vast experience in planning and implementing GIS and web-GIS systems
  • Ex-commercial partner of the main GIS software-houses
  • High competence in open-source GIS sector
  • Main customers: Acoset spa, Sicilian Region, The BBCCAA Superintendent, University of Catania, several towns and other agencies in Italy.

Research projects:

  • Networking, innovative planning ideas and consultancy to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for the admission to the European funding programme HORIZON 2020
  • Technical partner in different consortium within the “Smart, clean and efficient energy” programme of HORIZON 2020

Topographical surveys, researches and production of numerical and thematic cartographies:

  • Execution of  aero-photogrammetries and numerical cartographies
  • Availability of high-efficiency technologies (GPS, Total Station, Georadar, etc)
  • Main clients: ANAS, Catania District, Ministry of Home Affairs, Military Navy, Ministry of Defence, SIS spa, Technita spa

Development of new and specific software for road and airport safety:

  • Albatros (Airport Limitation of oBject Altitude: Topographic Recognition of Obstacle System): a GIS application for managing and analysing obstacles within air traffic corridors
  • Crash: web-based software for managing road accidents (data survey, analysis and management)
  • Gemastra: a web application for surveying, analysing and managing road network maintenance

Specialised technical training

Through an in-house survey, GIS Design clearly identified the most important values which make it unique and all the partners, the employees and the collaborators do their best to promote it throughout its market sector.