Research & Development

Since its founding in 2002, the company has been recognized as a local GIS (Geographic information system) laboratory supporting companies and other operators of the same sectors. GIS Design invests in research and development of prototypes and commercial models in different markets like network system management, data bank, safety analysis for road and air transport, traffic management and road, infrastructures, and building heritage maintenance.

The company’s work has always been characterized by innovative approaches to both process and product making innovative technology and scientific research its core business.

In particular, scientific research and innovative approaches to experimentation have produced GIS applications in the following sectors:

  • Road safety analysis (management of monitoring and road safety centres)
  • Managing airport safety monitoring
  • Risk analysis of civil defence (seismic, hydrogeological, volcanic, fires, industrial) and managing emergency procedures
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Classifying and roads cadastre
  • Managing road maintenance
  • Managing cultural and environmental heritage

Some of our partners and collaborators have used GIS software and developed safety analysis models in the transport sector while working at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Catania.

The consultants Prof. Ing. Rosario Colombrita, Dott. Ing. Maria Grazia Augeri and Dott. Ing. Natalia Distefano have been working on and researching issues inherent to road safety functional analyses of infrastructure.

Since 2006, GIS Design has been a member of ‘The Development Pact for the Etna Valley Catania Production Area’.

In 2010, along with 49 other companies, the company took part in a tender (DDG 3456 of 28.12.2009) ‘Development Plans for Agricultural Food Chains P.O.FESR Sicily 2007/2013 operational objective 5.1.1, intervention strand, with the project “SMART GRID: POWER AND ICT”. The project was financed by DDG no. 451 (10/02/2012), set in motion in April 2012 and it is currently under completion. GIS Design’s part in the project is research, development and technological transfer in the section dedicated to ‘Cloud Computing’ with the objective of building a common framework of software solutions in the Cloud Computing paradigm and then to market them more broadly.

Company know-how in GIS sector together with meticulous research of customer satisfaction and high quality product development are the company’s strong points which enables it to carry out directly the most part of its duties in integrated management systems: topographic and environmental surveys, data and information gathering,  supply and implementation of management software, data input and mapping, GIS planning with specific application development as required, personnel training and service and assistance for GIS.

Today, the company has a highly equipped laboratory for designing, implementing and developing GIS and has highly qualified personnel in topography, engineering and the environment and is equipped with high resolution instruments as well as specialized hard and software for data gathering and processing, infrastructure design and management and safety analysis in transport.

European Projects - HORIZON 2020

Horizon 2020 is the new Programme of the integrated financing system designed for the research activities of the European Committee. The new programme is operative since January 1st  2014 until December 31th 2020 and it will support the EU in global challenges, by giving the needed tools to researchers and innovators for the realisation of their own projects and ideas.

The following model shows the structure of Horizon 2020, made up of three Pillars and five cross Programme.

GIS Design, really engaged in research and innovation, is already technical partner in two consortium within the “Smart, clean and efficient energy” programme, into which is possible to develop sustainable mobility projects. The company took already part in the following calls: MG.5.2-2014 - Reducing impacts and costs of freight and service trips in urban areas; MG.5.3-2014 “Tackling urban congestion”.

Within the HORIZON 2020 financing programme, GIS Design is seriously engaged in the activities of networking and editing of innovative planning ideas, by supplying consultancy to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in order to favour the access to the European funding programmes.

GIS Design deals with the attendance to call for proposal, call for tender and call for interest relating to both HORIZON 2020 and developmental under-programmes especially designed for enterprises.

In more detail, EASME will manage the COSME planning, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Your Europe Business and the European IPR Helpdesk. EASME supervises the Environment and Climate action (LIFE) programme, some elements of the European Maritime Fisheries Fund programme and the Intelligent Energy Europe & Eco-innovation programmes.