Albatros - Management software for airport safety

ALBATROS is a GIS application for managing and analysing airport territorial data. In particular, ALBATROS can cartographically manage any type of obstacle within air traffic corridors (buildings, pylons, posts, trees, etc.), each with its own unique data set.

ALBATROS was developed with Microsoft™ Visual Basic™ and configures as an extension to the well-known GIS (Geographic Information System) software ArcGIS™ by ESRI™. ALBATROS is particularly good working alongside ESRI™ ArcMAP™ configuring as a graphic interface toolbar which adds new specialised functions for managing obstacles within air traffic corridors. The hard and software requirements follow in detail fundamentally coinciding with those of ArcGIS™; to these must be added ArcGIS™ Desktop in whatever configuration (ArcVIEW™, ArcEDITOR™, ArcINFO™), with or without further extensions.

ALBATROS works from a database configured to manage all types of data for managing obstacles in air traffic corridors, and in particular for each component:

  • General data: identity codes, census data, classification (according to ENAV) and description;
  • Personal data: manager, location, address, cadastral references, contacts;
  • Altitude: plot altitude, obstacle height from the ground, obstacle summit height, nature of infringement, list of perforated surfaces and evaluation of each variance;
  • Planimetric position: East and North coordinates of the most commonly used reference systems – Gauss Boaga, UTM and WGS84;
  • Signalling and illumination devices: list and condition of all signalling devices day and night (name & date of last census and last monitoring, location in circling area or shadow area);
  • Notes (any obstacle notes);
  • Attached photographs.

ALBATROS can insert and/or modify data through simple interface masks whose options provide the best possible ‘guide’.

ALBATROS can insert obstacle alternatives by pointing the cursor to video in the map window, or by inputting the coordinates. ALBATROSS can interact with specific digital models of the ground or airport surfaces (Transictional Surface, Inner Horizontal Surface, Conical Surface, Outer Horizontal Surface, Approach Surface, Take Off Climb Surface) and once the new component’s altitude is inputted, it can immediately verify any drop in altitude and calculate how much.

ALBATROS can print data reports (eg. at the end of monitoring) for any managed obstacle and personalise them with text and images (eg. the manager’s logo).

System Requirements

ALB ATROS requires into the system the presence of ArcGIS™ Desktop software, therefore the minimum requirements for the correct operation are the same of those for ArcGIS™ Desktop operation.

Moreover, there are the system requirements provided by ESRI™ for ArcGIS™ Desktop, as it is shown on the producer website: